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Late Registration – My Favourite Hip Hop Album

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This is Hands-Down my Favourite Album All time. Sure i Love 2-pac, he is my child hero and Legend. But this album by Kanye is just too good. Nothing in this blog post will make it justice. I´ve so many great memories that pops up when I listen to these songs. I’ve fallen in love while on a concert listening to songs from this album, I´ve created Graffiti Art while listening to this album. I´ve done a lot, and this is one of those albums you never get tired off.

The best Songs on the Album

Best Album in Hip Hop History?

Well If you ask me, The Life of Pablo. Kanye West best selling album was released on March 2016. I remember standing in line outside the record-store waiting for my Copy. When I put it in my Walkman Sony CD-Player i was just blow away! Kanye West received a Grammy Award for best Rap Album in 2006. I was not surprised.