Graffiti That I Love

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When It comes to Graffiti, Well there’s just to much to love about It. I started when I was around 13 years old. A friend of mine introduced me to the concept, and well, I was hooked. My mom was, and still is, a great Artist. She paints and do sketches, she learned me to develop my own skills as a young child. A lot of people associate graffiti as being something illegal or bad. Graffiti has a bad name since a lot of people paint tags in urban areas. Which is not appreciated by the public or authorities.

Do it the Legal Way

I only do graffiti painting where it´s legal to do so. Certain areas where it´s accepted to paint graffiti, it´s great! I do also paint my own Art which I sell, both in local shops and online. I´ll do a blog post regarding this later on. For now, just enjoy this Art down below!