How To Get Rid Of Cat Fleas In The Home

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You love your cats, but a flea infestation in your home can be a serious inconvenience. If you do not get rid of the fleas properly, they can keep coming back. Flea eggs and larvae can hide deep in your carpets and furniture. You will need to treat your pets and clean and treat the inside and outside of your house.

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Step 1. Treating Your Pets

If there are fleas in your home, they are most likely still living on your cat. The first thing you will need to do is treat your cat and any other pet in the house. You will need a medicated preventative, such as Frontline or Advantage, that will kill the current fleas and repel any future ones.

Step 2. Wash Everything

You will need to wash every linen that you cat may have touched. This includes cat beds, blankets, sheets, clothing, cat toys etc. Use the hottest water setting in the washer and the highest dryer setting as well, see if you have any flea treatment for graffiti

Step 3. Kill the Fleas in Your Home

To kill the fleas in your home, you will need a household fogger and a deep carpet cleaner. A fogger controls flea infestations and kills eggs, larvae, and fleas. Carpet spray will take care of any fleas hiding in your carpet. Be sure to spray every inch of your home, including under furniture.

Step 4. Clean Your Home

Within 48 to 72 hours of treating your house, you will need to thoroughly sweep, vacuum, and clean everything to pick up the dead fleas. When you are finished vacuuming, be sure to throw out the bag immediately as flea pupae can hatch inside the bag.

Step 5. Kill the Fleas Outside

If there are fleas living in the vicinity of your home, you will need to deal with them too. Using a lawn spray can prevent fleas from coming in on your shoes and clothing. Fleas enjoy being in dark, damp areas, so don’t forget to spray under trees and bushes.

Step 6. Duplicate as Necessary

Ideally you will only need to go through this procedure one time but fleas can be wily. It may take several repetitions to completely eradicate your flea problem.

Good luck!